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The possibilities are endless, especially for e-commerce apps like ASOS and Sephora, where you could crowdsource a purchase before buying it by posting to your story and setting up a quick poll. You could share a deep link to the app in your story with your followers!Influencers could also share affiliate links, and instead of using “swipe up!There’s the “Picked for You” channels that were added in 2016 — and ability to search for locations and hashtags that rolled out just last year.But the update to the Instagram Explore page was announced at F8, giving you a first look at the totally redesigned Instagram Explore page that’s coming soon.(Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty debuted a Facebook filter last December that allows you to try on her highlighter, too).Making augmented reality accessible to anyone on Instagram was my personal favorite announcement from F8, and I’m so excited to see how the world embraces AR in Instagram in 2018.Facebook announced a bunch of exciting Instagram updates coming in 2018 this week at their annual F8 conference, and we were on location to get a first look at them, ask questions, and learn more about how the new features will help you grow on Instagram.

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Sharing to Stories is launching with Spotify and Go Pro, with more apps coming soon!Now, when you’re listening to a song, playlist, or album you love in Spotify and want to share it to your Instagram Stories, all you have to do is tap the new “share” button in the Spotify app!The song appears as a sticker in your stories, and you can continue to edit your story like normal.Personally, I would love to see sharing to stories from apps like the New York Times, Netflix, and various photo editing apps.Restaurants could create an Instagram Stories Highlight with an Open Table sticker that deep links right to the app to make a reservation.A major Instagram Stories trend lately has been to post screenshots of songs you’re listening to or loving to your story, but it doesn’t make for the best experience, mainly because you can’t actually to the song.

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