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Today, women’s personal romantic values challenge men to adjust to the female’s decision-making role in the dating process.As a result, social interaction often stresses Asian men as many (though not all) are timid in communicating with their peers, and their discomfort is only heightened by how others react to their shyness.Tran is part of a fairly recent movement where pickup artists (the technical term is PUAs) is gaining prominence.While PUAs have been around since the 1970s, in 2005 investigative reporter Neil Strauss’ book granted them renewed attention.Inspired by what he learned at Mystery’s boot camp, Tran sought to teach Mystery’s principles to a multicultural audience.

“I’m not just talking about dating here,” Tran clarifies.“Something you need to understand is that the men I teach are generally very well-educated and extremely nice guys,” Tran elaborates.“Despite that, the majority of their romantic interactions consisted of being introduced to women by their parents and friends.“I understand how these men feel because it took me years to get past the same insecurities, and I find it really helps my students to hear about my own successes,” Tran tells me.“I’m 5’5”, and I wouldn’t consider myself a very attractive man, but I’m able to not let that affect me.“I’m also talking about defending yourself, speaking up for that job…based on their experiences, many Asian men are afraid to try and express themselves.

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