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Adler (Weiten, 1998), best known for his theories regarding striving for superiority, was also concerned with the effects of birth order on personality.Adler had a successful older brother, but Adler was weak as a child and thus was most likely affected with the desire to assert himself and prove his worth.He suggested that introverts tend to have higher levels of arousal than extroverts. Because only children do not have siblings with whom to interact, they learn to be children on their own.Therefore, introverts are more easily conditioned than extraverts and, because social situations cause arousal, the heightening of arousal will make introverts uneasy and wont to avoid social interaction. Parents and play groups can help, but ultimately children become conditioned to depend on themselves.

He felt that each position in the order, whether first or last, had distinct characteristics.

Says one adult only child, "Possibly the best part was developing the ability to enjoy being alone and to entertain myself.

I've always had plenty of friends, yet people are surprised by how much of a loner I can be" (Koontz, 1989, p. Although this self-sufficiency can have its benefits, it can also mean that only children are inherently alone as their personalities develop.

Personal observations as well as a proposal for testing the theory will be given.

Procreation has been an essential task for all human beings in order to continue the existence of the species.

Various theories of prominent psychologists such as Adler, Freud, Skinner, and Eysenck will be examined in their application to the importance of birth order in personality development.

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