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Managers and supervisors have to deal with so many regulations, USPH inspections, security briefings, environmental meetings, safety ongoing training, fleet wide protocols, etc., that is practically impossible for you to spend time with your team, i know this first hand, i spent 16 years at Princess, 10 of those as a supervisor.

But what i feel is the main reason why crew jump is the inability of cruise lines to carry enough extra personnel to cover up for sick crew members and those who are not mentally fit to perform.

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The truth of the matter is that, depending of what country you come from, is the amount of attention you can generate, to make this a clear example, British and Italian crew members have a 6 month long contract on board Princess ships, Portuguese and South Africans 7, Mexicans 9 and Filipino 11, right there you have plenty reason to throw yourself over board Contact me if you have specific questions, i will be more than happy to answer youits also about time that crew get proper and decent meals.The difficult working conditions and low pay are almost unimaginable by U. standards: 12 plus hour days, 7 days a week, 30 days a month with no days off over the course of 6 to 10 month contacts, for as little as 0 a month for non-tip earning ship employees.The result of such a grueling schedule is exhausted and demoralized crew members who are often isolated from their families whose birthdays and anniversaries they miss on a regular basis. citizens respond to the exploitation of crew members from India or Jamaica with the rationalization that whatever pittance the "foreign" crew members are receiving for working 90 hour weeks is more than the workers can receive back home.October 2012 - Serenade of the Seas -crew member disappeared.The official investigation into these types of incidents lies with the flag state.We Work takes a stand for Planet Earth, refuses to comp business meals that include meat.

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