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The road is known as 3 legged lady road because of the sightings of a woman with 3 legs.As the legend goes your suppose to beat her across the bridge.Locked doors can be heard opening and slamming shut during the night. A young airman hung himself during training in the wing.Now strange things happen in the wings surrounding that wing.The wing was closed for a year but then an overflow of students came and the wing was reopened. All that had gone down that hall said that the lights flickered and it was very cold.The room was located at the end of the hall next to the window and on the right. The two male airmen that were assigned that room was not informed of what happened.He also would play pranks like opening windows at night and dropping things inside locked wall lockers when you are across the room.One soldier learned he missed his mother, he went through the school in 1967 and although he knew he had died of shrapnel wounds, he would often worry about going to 'Nam "tomorrow".

When they lock up there have been odd times when the owner has come back to get something and the door has been unlooked.Some of the slave quarters are still there and the hanging tree is still there as well.The legend has it that on the old bridge there would be a young girl in a prom dress ride across the bridge on the hood of your car around midnight.The 3rd floor has a wandering spirit that roams and occasionally makes her presence known throughout the building.No women are regularly assigned to work there at night because two women have left in total hysterics.She was so devastated she stood on the tracks in front of a train.

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