Wife is dating

I have got back with my girlfriend but my parents still want me to date a guy.

I know I am bisexual but they think it is only to get attention.

I really do not want to lose my wife but I am constantly worried she may be leading a double life.My wife also has her own bank account but never has statements sent to the house.She doesn’t want us to split up but she will not discuss any of this any further.I also found sexy underwear hidden in our bedroom when I cleared the drawers out to redecorate. She still has her main phone and spends ages on it, far exceeding the monthly allowance.She has always said sexy underwear is a waste of time and has worn the most sensible she could buy. She got it through a friend though, so no bill comes to the house that I can check.However you have been a victim of a crime – sextortion – often carried out by organised crime gangs overseas.

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