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I mean – people are coming in to check out the ‘show’ and wind up hearing a message that some of them really believe and enjoy. I read that Glenn Campbell is one of those who winds up being one of those curious guys and eventually becomes a genuine born-again believer through Gene Scott's ministry. Paul Crouch gets very obviously uncomfortable on live TV when Glenn mentions the Gene Scott show, and Paul changes the subject before anyone tries to explain the impossible....

[Glenn may not be the best example to use because he, like many of us, has had some pretty strong struggles to overcome in his Christian walk. someone actually comes to faith in Christ through that really weird set up with the girls and the swearing and the cigar –chewing, and the money and all the cult-like hype.

My ultimate goal is that every single person that comes on a trip leaves more enriched and with a greater understanding of how we affect the planet. MS: We are so incredibly lucky in North America and the United States. When you’re into something like birds and you spend a lot of time looking and listening, you pick up a few calls.I appreciate that Natural Habitat Adventures does as much as we can in every destination we visit; we hire local people and keep the money in that country as much as we can to motivate people to conserve those places.I think that’s the best thing we can do for conservation. I had mentioned her name to him because early one morning I happened to turn on the television and watched her teaching without bias. Supposedly Melissa had a pretty bad reputation and background (OK, I'm being gracious). But I think all of us who are Christians have that same initial tinge of electricity rustle our nerves in shock when we first hear the news about Gene and Melissa Scott's ministry. I remember watching him chomp his cigar and talk about how the Hebrew slaves hid the truth of Torah in the pyramids and if you add up lengths of corridors divided by heights of this multiplied by widths of that . AND if you line up the peaks of the pyramids they point true north. "His language is crude, abusive and profane, clearly violating God's standards for Christians." Scott protested to loud applause. " But it gets worse (depending on your perspective of course).Maybe people will go home and change their lifestyles and work more within their communities. The diversity of wildlife is spectacular; from desert ecosystem to temperate rainforests, you don’t have to travel off the continent to find a variety of species. There’s so much to offer: mountain scenery, wildflowers throughout the summer, lots of wildlife, indigenous cultures and historic grand lodges. I have fun and the clients seem to think it’s a fun addition to their trip.

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