Validating wsdl consolidatingdebt com


If this is the correct namespace, then an appropriate 'import' tag should be added to 'file:///D:/TIBCOBW6_Work Space/Track Integration/TESTASCWS/Service Descriptors/ACS2Track Web wsdl'.------------------------------------- I dont get any validation errors for the same WSDL in BW 5.x and moreover it doesnt have any issues during the run-time.Of course, the assertion 'Validate XML Schema' should do this, but it only works with wsdls having one schema inside.As soon as there are multiple schemas inside the wsdl which refer each other and have imports from external xsd files on top, this assertion cannot handle it, because only one schema can be selected.

Yes, the XML Schema Lightener comes bundled with the Schema Flattener.

The XML Message Validation check examines requests that contain XML messages to ensure that they are valid.

If a request contains an invalid XML message, the application firewall blocks the request.

This element is mistakenly referenced as "get City Times".

The Enterprise Edition checks if elements that are referenced have previously been declared in the file; the Professional Edition does not.

Thus it can happen that a WSDL file is valid in the Professional Edition, but not valid in the Enterprise Edition (see Example). is missing the extensibility elements (the specification and the schema should be the same but are not; this difference appears to be an error in the schema).

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