Validating an autoclave

This description must contain the programs that are used, how they work, how many, where the control probes are located and what regulates this process.Before the temperature is tested it must be checked whether the operating instruction are valid, whether the instruments are calibrated and what was changed in the system since the last qualification occurred.

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The test procedure must be unambiguous and accurate and must not leave the possibility for different interpretations. Unambiguous: Put the thermocouple in a glass bottle at the contact between the bottom of the bottle and the side of the bottle (This is the most critical place to collect condensate). That they are not sufficiently described and that regular production does not reflect the qualified load being used.Before commencing temperature testing the correct conditions must be satisfied.The first condition for sterilization of porous product is saturated steam quality.Testing with equipment that is not appropriate can be a major problem so also buy from a trusted vendor.As a small temperature range is required for accuracy (A few degrees) the accuracy of the equipment is very important for the overall measuring chain.Operating Instructions must include parameters of sterilization, the scheme item and position of the control probes in the chamber.

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