Updating bios asus ez flash are andy and erin still dating

Updating the bios here in preparation for the GTX 660 TI graphics card delivery, and the newer bios now provides compatibility for the newer “AMD FX’ processors.

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Have read that some had problem with the new card on the newer UEFI bios and a bios update would take care of that.If you're going to mess around with flashing BIOS chips, then be sure that BOTH of the following are true: 1) You have a way to save off the working BIOS to some media that can later be used to restore it 2) You have a way of booting the PC such that you can read the media with the saved BIOS to restore it OR ... I've made three attempts to install Windows 10 on my desktop PC with no success.if you have one of the "DUAL BIOS" machines, you have a way to boot and select the OTHER BIOS, should the flashing go badly. First with the Windows Technical Preview-x64and then with my MSDN en_windows_technical_preview_for_enterprise_x64_dvd_5554079 The ASUS Maximus Ranger VII has a feature called Bios Flashback which uses a USB drive to flash the BIOS when the computer is turned off (but power still applied).You copy the bios file to the root of your flash drive, insert it into the special USB port on the back of your computer, and press the USB Flashback button and it flashes automatically.When it was done I seen “Update Successful” and to “restart”.“Restart” actually powered my pc off for about 5 seconds automatically, then it powered back up and posted!

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