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The latter is designated Discrimination (vikalpa) in the Lanka and the former transcendental wisdom or knowledge (prajna).To distinguish these two forms of knowledge is most essential in Buddhist philosophy.

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We analyze it to demonstrate its emptiness, finding that there is no table apart from its parts [...] So we conclude that it is empty. The Buddha's teaching of the Dharma is based on two truths: a truth of worldly convention and an ultimate truth.Without understanding the significance of the ultimate, liberation is not achieved.8.The teaching by the Buddhas of the dharma has recourse to two truths: The world-ensconced truth and the truth which is the highest sense. Those who do not know the distribution (vibhagam) of the two kinds of truth Do not know the profound "point" (tattva) in the teaching of the Buddha. The highest sense of the truth is not taught apart from practical behavior, And without having understood the highest sense one cannot understand nirvana.Later Buddhist teachers were faced with the problem of resolving these contradictions.Nagarjuna and other teachers introduced an exegetical technique level-distinction between two levels of truth, the conventional and the ultimate.According to Chattopadhyaya, although Nagarjuna presents his understanding of the two truths as a clarification of the teachings of the Buddha, the two truths doctrine as such is not part of the earliest Buddhist tradition.

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