Rules for dating my teenage daughter wiki

In the beginning of the show, she discovers that she is half-witch on her father's side.The adventures of the series show Sabrina as she deals with the day to day trials of being a teenager (and later, an adult) as well as being a witch.She slowly learns how to use these powers, starting with turning oranges, and even Libby, into pineapples.

Rupert has also been known to double as a pistol when needed.

In "Chick Cancer", when Stewie married Olivia Fuller, he had Rupert officiate the ceremony.

"8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter" had the creation of "Stewpert", a being where Stewie and Rupert were fused together after Stewie activated his teleportation device before he realized Rupert was inside, in reference to Brundlefly of The Fly. Stewie accused Rupert of choosing to watch the boys in "Road to Rhode Island" as opposed to watching their bags as Stewie has told him to, much to Stewie's chagrin.

On her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina discovers that she is a witch.

However, because she is a witch, she cannot communicate with her mortal mother for two years or else the later will turn into a ball of wax, on decree of the Witches Council.

Additionally, her father, who is a witch, is in the Other Realm Foreign Services though she can talk to him through his picture in the Magic Book.

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