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Economy[ edit ] Weaving and textiles[ edit ] Paisley, as with other areas in Renfrewshire, was at one time famous for its weaving and textile industries.As a consequence, the Paisley pattern has long symbolic associations with the town.Also as a consequence of greater mechanisation, many weavers lost their livelihoods and left for Canada and Australia.

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It is listed by the conservation organisation Do Co Mo Mo as one of the sixty key Scottish monuments of the post-war period.Around the centre there are a large number of older residential buildings.The town centre, Whitehaugh, Seedhill and Charleston areas contain many examples of Scottish tenement flats.The stone was a meeting place of the Weavers Union in the south of Paisley; it was also used as a " soapbox " and was originally inscribed with its history now largely faded.It was moved from its original site at the corner of Neilston Road and Rowan Street to its present location in Brodie Park.The preserve manufacturer Robertsons began in Paisley as a grocer whose wife started making marmalade from oranges in Brown and Polson was formed in Paisley in and two years later started producing starch for the weaving trades, by it was making food products including its patent cornflour.

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