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If you specify a single group-name, or a wildcard that matches a single group, then you will automatically enter that group.Otherwise the normal group selection screen will appear, but with all the matching groups present too, as though you had yanked just those groups in.) or remotely (rtin or tin -r option) via a NNTP (Network News Transport Protocol) server.It will automatically utilize NOV newsoverview(5) style index files if available locally or via the NNTP [X]OVER command (RFC2980, RFC3977).2 Unread news -4 Force connecting via IPv4 to the remote NNTP server. -c Create/update index files for every group in file (either directly or via LIST) and then check the article count via NNTP GROUP command (RFC3977 ) ''-ln''.-6 Force connecting via IPv6 to the remote NNTP server. If reading via NNTP and LIST COUNTS (RFC6048 ) is available that is used instead as it gives more accurate article counts. This allows a noticeable speedup when connecting via a slow line, but tin may not be able detect which groups are moderated. -N Mail unread articles to yourself for later reading.With the ''-w'' flag a given group-name is used as default group to post to.If more than one group or a wildcard is specified only the first group respectively the first group that matches is used.

To see only your subscribed groups use the Select Toggle Read Display ('r') or Select Yank Active ('y') toggle keys. Any posts you make will have to be approved by the group administrator before it will be made public.1 Usage, syntax, configuration file or network error.Batch mode (''-Z''): 0 No unread news 1 Usage, syntax, configuration file or network error.This also overrides the environment variable $NNTPPORT if set. This option is disabled if tin retrieves its index files via a NNTP server and cache_overview_files is turned off. In order for this to be really quick, it should be used with ''-n'' if possible. An exit code 0 indicates no news, 1 that an error occurred and 2 that new/unread news exists. tin can also dynamically change its options by the Option Menu ('M') command. For more information see section "GLOBAL OPTIONS MENU AND TINRC CONFIGURABLE VARIABLES" and tin(5).-q Don't check for new newsgroups and skip loading the servers message of the day. -v Verbose mode for ''-c'', ''-M'', ''-N'', ''-S'', ''-u'' and ''-Z'' options. A list of groups can be specified after the other command-line options.This can be useful if you wish to yank in or subscribe to a hand-picked subset of the active newsgroups.

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