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There are literally thousands of models of network cameras in use.

It is impossible to have a set of instructions fitting every model perfectly.

If it works on your LAN, it will be very easy to diagnose any issues with the WAN access.

Many apps have automated the setup process to a great degree, and it usually takes less than 1 minute to set up a camera before starting enjoying its video.

They are applicable no matter which app (including browsers) you use to access your device remotely unless you use technologies such as P2P that maintain a constant connection between your camera and a server of a company that is usually unknown to users. Non-technical users can treat this IP address as a street address, and their LAN (e.g. Every computing device on your LAN can find the network camera by its IP address, just like everyone in your city can locate a home by its street address.Network cameras (a.k.a IP cameras) are gaining popularity rapidly among consumers due to their ever-improving quality, features and declining prices.An HD network camera that normally cost over 0 in 2012 can be bought under in 2016.Generally speaking, ONVIF conformant cameras have more features and better quality than traditional non-ONVIF network cameras.For this article, we assume the reader has very basic computer and network knowledge.user name, password), the setup will usually be completed in seconds.

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