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There was one girl, Shabnam, who always finished her work last, but the drawings on the backs of her worksheets were the most intricate.

Before she colored, she studied all the crayons in the box, carefully selecting the ones she needed, lining them up in a neat row in front of her.

At an international conference on the trafficking of women and girls in Mumbai, officials announced more robust policing and plans to invoke a stringent Indian law against organised crime to snare traffickers."Earlier, girls were being trafficked to Mumbai from the poorer states of India and also from Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar," said Vijaya Rahatkar, chair of Maharashtra State Women's Commission, that organised the Mumbai conference along with anti-trafficking charity International Justice Mission.

READ MORE: It Happens Here Too: 10 Dead in Human Trafficking Incident in Texas"Now girls from Philippines, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan are being brought to Mumbai," Rahatkar told the Thomson Reuters Foundation on the sidelines of the conference attended by delegates from countries battling trafficking including Ghana, Kenya and Bolivia.

I hoped they’d keep me unnoticed.-clad men in the dank hallways I’d anticipated.

But I was unnerved when the women swiveled their heads to gawk at me.

The story is about the length of a long magazine article, and was published by DAWNS Digest, a social enterprise I co-founded that is premised on the idea that a community of global news consumers can be inspired to support compelling narrative non-fiction about global humanitarian issues. — Mark Goldberg“Yes, of course,” I stammered in embarrassment. I’ll wear Indian clothes when I visit the brothels.” I cursed myself for not choosing a more appropriate outfit to meet the head of an anti-trafficking nonprofit that helps sex workers and their children in Mumbai..

I found a full-sleeve pink-and-green one that looked about right.

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