La dating scene

There's nothing wrong with having a preference, but you're laser-focused on scoring with only one ethnicity and it shows.There's a lot of prejudice in Indian society that believes White women are sexually promiscuous and morally bankrupt, which may explain why you're trying to get at them like they're sluts. I’m married and even at random boring parties there are single people there It’s also way easier to talk casually to girls(at least it was for me) at parties rather than really noisy clubs or bars And by local, you only mean White women?If you’re coming across that way through a brief message, I can imagine that something you’re doing or saying might be rubbing people the wrong way.Yes, people shouldn’t be treating you like that just for approaching them, but this is LA.You encounter white men denouncing "feminist" white women for "easy & submissive" asian women. The number one cosmetic product in India is called "Fair and Lovely" and is a skin whitening cream.https:// arranged marriages are very common in India so the social skills are generally not as developed. I wouldn't solely blame OP for reaching out and seeking affection."Black people and Asian men have the roughest time dating" 2009-2014 to be stereotypical but to go along with 'choosing the right' girls...

It was clear they had money and they even told them "I drive a [enter luxury car here]". It might have a lot to do with the culture and India's male superiority complex.Search Tinder, OKC, etc many profile list white only or "prefer white" from a person of color.Kind of like "white only" signs you see in 1950s history books, but it's largely accepted and defended as preference. Sure as a White women it's going to hard to relate because your not a men of color and face high rejection in LA.That kind of gross entitlement disgusts me, and you come off extremely ignorant, egotistical, and cocky.I can’t believe you even said for people to not say it was your fault.It's gotten to the point that if a girl displays interest in me, I know she's not a local Why are local white girls in Los Angeles so racist that I feel like we are in the pre-segregation era America ? I do often feel totally unwanted in the city where you can't even get a local to be nice to you or even to talk to you and no one local wants to be with you in any way. Genuinely not trying to be a jerk to you, but as a mid-20s female living in the LA area you’re coming across as entitled and cocky.

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