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Any record sold in Britain at this period would most likely carry Brtish copyright stamps, but I have not seen a Gabriel Pares record with one.

They were first offered for sale in Britian in December 1912 and were lateral cut 11" sized and it seems trhat Warroners Ltd were the agents selling these records and they cost 3/6.

Kelvin is dedicated to his family and does everything he can to support his parents and sisters, including partnering with Jazz to smuggle contraband items into Artemis for extra money for the family.

Kelvin as a name means 'From the River' / 'River man'.

Many, if not all the 78rpnm issues were also issued on 45rpm using the same matrix numbers but with a different prefix.

Globe records were pressed by the Homophon company for sale in Australia during the pre-WWI years.

He grew up in a mainly white but multi-cultural area of Kenya that was made especially for KSC employees and their families.

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