Jason thompson and kim mccullough dating


Obviously, he has changed a little bit, so it doesn’t mean that they can’t have a different relationship than they did before.As of right now it seems they may both be in “love” with the same person, maybe. It’s been fun working with Kelly, but at the same time I always want that person named Kimberly Mc Cullough (Robin) to come back too, because it’s always so much fun.I want him to have that realization and be like, “What is going on?

And, I know stuff happens off camera, obviously, but there are a lot of interesting things that could happen on-camera, too: If Patrick was with Sam and Robin returned, and actually, he doesn’t need to be with anybody for fireworks to go off between them! I think one day Patrick will know the truth, and whether that’s fitting to him or not, we will see!

We as women, especially as women of color, have to get over our pena. They might say no but don’t be afraid of the no’s...cause one day the response will be YES!

We’re just so happy to be here, so grateful, we couldn’t possibly dare to ask for more.

Drake at this point in time where he has taken his relationship with Sam to the next level, how the good doc must still be hurt, bitter, and angry about being put through the emotional ringer by his once beloved Robin, and where he hopes his story will go from here. It’s great to work with her in a different capacity and to be able to use stuff against her, (laughs) for example, “Remember four years ago?

Fans of the ABC soap opera know that Thompson is one of the MVP’s of the daytime drama series with his raw and authentic emotional performances, and that when given the story he delivers time and time again. Think about that right now, and now just say the line!

What did you think of the beat of the story being revealed, at the time it did, that Patrick knew at one point Jason (Billy Miller) was alive and did not tell Sam about the Intel?

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