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► They find it difficult to express their feelings, and will not like to be interrupted, while immersed in their work.► INTJs have a tendency to be obsessed with perfection.► Judgment: They're well planned in their activities. They usually have a checklist to determine their partners.They will look for partners who satisfy certain parameters, and after a gradual process of dating, decide on the appropriateness of the partner. They're serious in their relationships and will not waste their time in occasional flings.Keep their 'brains' pleased, and engage in some activities that will challenge their thinking capacity.

As knowledge seekers, they have an inherent desire to solve problems.

Both need each other to clear out the void and negatives that both possess.

ENFPs usually have the zeal and excitement of a child, are bubbly and cheerful.

It is just difficult for them to express their feelings.

They appear to be arrogant sometimes.► They need to be told about your expectations.

Both personalities have 'intuition' as their primary trait.

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