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If they actually need to speak to me, they can leave a voicemail.

If they're trying to scam me or sell me something, they can piss off. One time I told this whole sob story about how I had had a car accident while drunk driving and killed 10 people and how my husband and all my friends had abandoned me.

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The buddy who gave me the file told me it was a form of ' Petya', but I've never actually opened it to find out.

These salesmen would drive through rush hour traffic, often for hours.

I made my intention clear as soon as they got out of their car, that I had no interest in what they were selling.

I just kept going on and on about how horrible things were with some really outlandish things until they got sick of me and hung up.

I got a call on my cell phone a while back claiming that I had a virus on my Windows PC.

I've gotten six phone calls in the last 24 hours from a number listed to an Apple store in CA.

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