Girl flirting strip video

I read your materials on your site a few months back and I tried doing the 'walk' on my way out to do the grocery shopping.

A couple of minutes after walking down the high street a man stopped his car and called out, 'I love the way you walk,' lol!

I started incorporating your 'sensuality secrets' every day, and I've seen a noticeable difference in the way men react to me. As critical and judgmental as society can be about how we as woman should look and act, I believe all women could benefit tremendously from this book.” - Wendy“Thanks so much for the great coaching, Patty...

I admire you so much and respect you for the way you want to share your talent with us...

I appreciate your working with me, and look forward to seeing you again.” - Patty“I must tell you though, that your "stuff" already helped me.

Sorry for the long message but you really inspired me and I feel wonderful and grateful to be a passionate sensual woman.” - Sanah"I've just got to share this with you, because your DVD's have quite literally changed my life!!

A month ago I truly believed at 53, menopausal, a little over weight, that I was one of those women of a 'certain age' who become invisible, and my confidence and self-esteem were not in a good place.

“I must tell you though, that your "stuff" already helped me. That's how I played blackjack in the casinos on the strip in Las Vegas at the tender age of 19...

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