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About 15 months after this article was published, Rush did end up recording their first live album at Massey.We, of course, all know it as All The World's A Stage.

Written by Starr Arning, this short article briefly discusses Rush's early years, their upcoming appearance on the Don Kirshner's Rock Concert television show and how they expect to put "...a lighter part in the middle of [their] show..." after they begin headlining concerts. Georgia Straight, Vancouver's Weekly News Magazine, did a cover feature on Rush back in September of 1977.

This early article is one of the few that discusses the band with late, original drummer John Rutsey.

The article is in two parts and can be read here: Page 1 --- Page 2.

The reviewer seems to enjoy Rush's music but had no appreciation for 2112 at all. Non-Rush fans have told me how much they like 2112, so maybe that's the point. This one's an interesting take on the rise of popularity of Rush during the late seventies.

This next article focuses more on the creation of Anthem Records than it does Rush, but it's an interesting read nonetheless.

Presented here is a collection of old Rush articles and interviews which I've dubbed Rush: A Brief History of Time.

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