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All CMMs are reliant on the extensive research and influence of Drs. The variety of cervical mucus methods rests on the differences in approach to the observation of cervical mucus (e.g., sensation, sight, and/or touch).The guidelines for interpretation of cervical mucus vary per CMM approach.For more information about particular NFP methods provided in a diocese, please consult the diocese’s website or contact the diocesan NFP coordinator.Cervical Mucus Method (CMM) Approximately at the time of a woman’s ovulation, a type of mucus is secreted by the cervix.Robert Fath Director, Office of Faith and Family Formation 1316 Peger Road Fairbanks, AK 99709 (907) 374-9500 (907) 374-9580 FAX Email: [email protected]:info/ Juneau [STM] Diocese of Juneau Deacon Charles Rohrbacher Diocesan Commissions 415 Sixth Street, Suite 300 Juneau, AK 99801-1020 (907) 586-2227 ext.25 (907) 463-3237Email: [email protected]: Cheryl Zeeck NFP Contact Email: [email protected] [CMM, STM] Michael Phelan Director of Marriage, Family Life and Respect Life Issues, and Office of Natural Family Planning 400 East Monroe Street Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 354-2355 Email: [email protected]: [email protected]: Cindy Leonard Diocesan NFP Coordinator, Office of NFP Diocese of Phoenix () (602) 354-2122 (480) 584-5311 FAX Email: [email protected] [CMM] Mike Berger Director of Catechesis and Marriage Ministry P. Box 31 Tucson, Arizona 85702 (520) 838-2541 (520) 838-2584 FAX Email: [email protected]: Life Shannon Higginbotham, RN, BSN, IBCLC, FCPI Diocesan NFP Coordinator St.Jste si jist/a, že nechcete povolit verzi chatu využívající technologii Flash?

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ST methods teach a woman to observe her primary signs of fertility (cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and cervical changes).

The NFP national providers listed here offer a variety of services and resources.

All integrate the Church's teaching on human sexuality, marriage, conjugal love and responsible parenthood in their particular NFP method's education for both clients and teacher candidates. Others offer education through books, CDs and DVDs. Search for an NFP class by state: A | C | D | F | G | H | I | K | L | M | N | O | P | R | S | T | U | V | W | Eastern Churches How to use this Directory This Directory lists the diocesan NFP coordinator or contact person per each diocese.

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This primary sign of fertility indicates when a woman is potentially fertile.

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