Four year dating anniversary ideas


I could call Natalie or email her and she always responded.

I also took French courses at Ometz in order to perfect my French.

Besides all the workshops that Ometz offers, their counselors are the core of the program.

Natalie went through dozens of job posts with me helping me figure out why I would work well at one position and why another job simply would not be a good fit.

She detailed the job search process and showed me exactly how to help myself, including providing great tips for polishing my resume. There wasn’t one particular moment that stands out because the overall experience was a positive one.

It just made me feel more secure in my job search knowing that I had someone I could depend on.

As an International Business student at John Molson, you’re taught the great importance of networking.

Mario, our teacher, is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.

He made everything about the class enjoyable - a truly wonderful academic experience.

She was the career support system that I always needed and was not able to find elsewhere.

I hope I won’t have to use Ometz again for my professional life but I am very eager to recommend their support to others.

The first counselor I met with was very nice and helped me build a strong CV.

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