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I've tried to shun Google products as much as I can which is not easy (even Mo A uses Google's recaptcha).These are: - Google search engine - Google analytics/adsense/jquery-libs-hosted-on-google/double click which are included in ALMOST EVERY web page!Whenever you correct an article or add something very touchy even when there is undesputed evidence from let's say Wikileaks, the Wikipedia gate keepers delete it with a comment like "if it's not in a NYT article, Guardian or other MSM you can't add it". ) standing-down position in Syria, DT's foreign policy approach might, when looking at all possible scenarios, receive a "pass." But there are other ways to undermine the opposition to permanent war.The FCC is looking to overturn or rule against the concept of net neutrality.was just buying goodwill with the White House to protect itself against the various anti-trust lawsuits it is engulfed in.It will do anything to avoid regulation of its monopolistic position and to protect its highly profitable business.Activate Wireshark once and visit any HTTPS website without the slighest link to Google.

sites that track your behaviour as in how many seconds do you read, how long does it take you to scroll the page, from which page did you come, what's you relegion, your sexual preference, your habits... - GMail LOL, I'm baffled by the stupidity and ignorance of people of giving their mailbox to a marketing company.

It is now, like other internet companies, under pressure to support the war party in creating a new Cold War with Russia.

The "de-ranking" of show that it is willing to do so.

This, in itself, is extortion considering that most Americans have only one ip offerer in their geographical area.

But the media is missing the point entirely, and I believe that net neutrality will be a thing of the past soon at the behest, despite the democratic/republican theater of squabbles, of the war party in general.

Why carry a tracking device that can even be remotely turned on to record your speech and photgraph (front back camera) the surroundings?!

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