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Germany has high levels of employment: in 2016, more than half of people aged 15–64 had a paid job (43.3m people) and unemployment dipped to a record low of 4.2 percent.Youth unemployment was also one of the lowest in the EU at 7.7 percent.When I was learning German at school our teacher, Mr Sprake, told us of a time he was in Germany on holiday, where they were enjoying very sunny, warm weather.He attempted to comment to his German friend how 'humid' it was that day by saying when mis-pronounced means homosexual instead of humid, so he ended up sounding like Larry Grayson, saying 'What a gay day!

Such icons can be of any sexual orientation or gender; if LGBT, they can be out or not.

Men are primarily in full-time work, while women, especially those with pre-school children, often work part-time.

However, Germany only adopted a minimum wage in 2015 for the first time.

Both help stave off the cold winter air which sometimes dips below freezing.

More regional food specialties include Christstollen (Stollen), a sort of bread with candied fruit in Saxony, and hot Apfelwein and Frankfurter Bethmännchen in Hesse.

The Nuremberg and Dresden markets draw about two million people each year; the Stuttgart and Frankfurt markets attract more than three million visitors.

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