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stejnegeri from the Kamchatka peninsula included in that study were placed within the Southwestern clade.parryii from 21 locations across western Beringia, provided no support for earlier proposals that ancient arctic ground squirrels from Siberia constitute a distinct species.Solzhenitsyn might remember how the book starts: “In 1949 some friends and I came upon a noteworthy news item in Nature, a magazine of the Academy of Sciences.

However, the three men who may have met their fate on the island, James Ducat (43), Donald Macarthur (40), and Thomas Marshall (28), may have disagreed about the ease of their work.

He sent a wireless to the Cosmopolitan Line Steamers (CLS) headquarters to report the outage but, as Lighthouse Digest reports “CLS failed to notify the Northern Lighthouse Board because “other more pressing matters caused it to escape from memory.”” To make matters worse, Roderick Mac Kenzie, who was also responsible for checking on the light from the Isle of Lewis, did not even notice the light was out.

The situation became more perilous as only days before what should have been the end of the three men’s shift, bad weather came to the islands.

To this day, a concrete explanation for the strange event remains elusive.

Since the automation of the lighthouse in 1971, the Flannan Isles have been without permanent residents.

These ages weren't just made up — or, worse, accepted to "give evolution enough time".

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