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Today, in my moment of hope, I’ll leave you with Hoffman’s advice to adopt “an abundance mindset.” Like many of my friends, I am sometimes guilty of having a scarcity worldview, believing that “there are no good men where I live.” Part of the solution, says Hoffman, is changing your criteria – whether it’s height, distance, or something else.

She’s not advocating that you ignore your deal breakers or must- haves, but being flexible is important. XXXOOO Nadia Have your single friends ever sighed, downed that last sip of wine, and asked in frustration, “Where are all the God-Fearing men? I can tell you these men are camped out by my dating profile, in line behind all the other distinctive online dating types. HNC may have reached out to say he likes you but “you live too far away to date.” Despite this, he keeps looking at your profile.

The Depressed Loner His screen name is Lonelyboy911, he’s shy, and he hasn’t dated in 10 years. It’s often his first or second question, which is followed by, what has been your experience with dating online, and are you having any luck? Or is he suffering from a lack of imagination and these are the only questions he can come up with? Ask why he is interested in your dating memberships and point out that the important point is that you are online now. XXXOOO Nadia Online dating and dating apps are not working well for me.

If you enjoyed this post, sign up for regular e-mail delivery and never miss an exciting update. In the spirit of “I’m not giving up yet,” I decided to change my approach to meeting men.

I recently met with a matchmaker who confirmed the ageism reality of online dating.When a man plugs in his search criteria – or just browses online – he may disregard women in their 60s, even though these women may be in great shape and able to pass for women a decade younger.If that same man met an attractive 60 -year-old woman in person, he might ask her out without even knowing her age.Sometimes all it takes is a close look at the guy’s photo to know the age on the profile is inaccurate.My profile has my real age and perhaps that is the problem.*I attended the first installment of a dating seminar given by online dating coach Damona Hoffman. She also had concrete tips and tactics for navigating the modern dating scene and finding love.

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