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In 1985 the city suffered an 8.1 Magnitude earthquake. 412 buildings collapsed and another 3,124 buildings were seriously damaged in the city.

Mexico City ranks 8th in terms of GDP size among 30 world cities.

Mexico City is the wealthiest city in all of Latin America, with a GDP per capita of USD25,258.

Mexico City's poverty rate is also the lowest in all of Mexico, which in turns ranks about a third of the way from the top in per-capita GDP among the countries of the world.

There is incredible variation, from ultramodern lounges in Santa Fe and Reforma, to centuries-old dance halls in Centro and Roma.

There are also pubs in Tlalpan and Coyoacán and clubs of every stripe in Insurgentes, Polanco, Condesa and the Zona Rosa.

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The city became the capital of the Mexican Empire in 1821 and of the Mexican Republic in 1823 after the abdication of Agustin de Iturbide.

On or soon after these dates is when most Mexicans will go out, especially if payday coincides with a weekend.

In the more expensive places, people might leave for Acapulco or vacations farther afield during the summer and long weekends.

The rest of the metropolitan area extends beyond it into Mexico State, which surrounds D. The Federal District however is where most tourists will spend the majority of their time while visiting the city.

Mexico City is divided up into 16 delegaciones, similar to the boroughs of New York, which in turn are divided into "colonias" (neighborhoods), of which there are about 250.

Mexico City's night life is like all other aspects of the city; it is huge.

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