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A true test of a relationship is whether two people have each others’ back when times are tough.

Consider these questions: Do external adversity and crisis bring you and your partner closer together, or pull you farther apart?

Since relationships are not static, a couple may evolve in the dimensions of intimacy.

Understanding one another’s priorities, and connecting in ways that are important to both partners help ensure long-term relational success. What Type of Person Shows Up Within You in this Relationship? Do different friends bring out different sides of you?

A friend may trigger your higher or lower tendencies.

Just as a friend can elicit a particular side of you, so does your partner.

What are some of the most important ideas when it comes to making your love last? Trust is the first and perhaps most important predictor of long-term relational success.

Can you count on your partner as the “rock” in your life? Evaluate your partner’s trustworthiness based not upon unproven promises or wishful thinking, but on a strong overall record of dependability. Are You and Your Partner Compatible in the Dimensions of Intimacy?

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Your honest answers to these questions offer important clues to the long-term health and happiness of your relationship. Does Your Partner’s Communication Lift You Up or Bring You Down? John Gottman of the University of Washington, a foremost expert on couple studies, concluded after over twenty years of research that the single, best predictor of divorce is when one or both partners show contempt in the relationship.Consider the following questions: Does my better self show up when I’m with my partner?Does my worse self show up when I’m with my partner? If so, what situations tend to bring out a particular side of me?Most of us want to meet and settle down with the “right” person, and most of us want such a relationship to last. Ask yourself the following questions: In general, is your partner reliable and dependable? Some people trust blindly, while others have trust issues. Below are seven crucial factors, excerpted from my book (click on title): "Seven Keys to Long-Term Relationship Success". Without trust, none of the other six keys that follow will have much meaning.Here’s a quick exercise to check you and your partner's compatibility in intimacy.

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