Dating seth thomas clocks phil russell


Selections from The Chronicle: The fascinating world of early tools and trades. Smith College Studies in History, Smith College, Northampton, MA. Sheffield industries: Cutlery, silver and edge tools. Reprinted in 1983 by Lindsay Publications Inc., Bradley, IL. Machine molding: Foundry appliances; Malleable casting; Brass founding; Blacksmith-shop equipment; Iron forging; Tool dressing; Hardening & tempering; Treatment of low-carbon steel; Hammer work; Machine forging; Special forging operations. Reprinted in 1983 by Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL.

American buildings and their architects: Technology and the picturesque.

The watchmaker's hand-book intended as a workshop companion for those engaged in watchmaking and the allied mechanical arts.

Louisville Cooperage Company/Chess and Wymond Company.

Continental ironwork of the Renaissance and later periods. Printed under the authority of his Majesty's Stationary Office, London.

The artistic working of iron in Great Britain from the earlist times.

Reprinted in 1995 by Lindsay Publications, Bradley, IL.

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