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Either way, Bonnie currently moved on from Jeremy romantically and was in a relationship with Enzo before his death. In Masquerade, when Bonnie goes to the Salvatore Boarding House, Bonnie comes inside with the Grimoire in her hands.Jeremy is also there and tells Bonnie: "We're gonna kill Katherine", which Stefan confirms.Listen Jer, I'm not sure I'm still the same Bonnie you want to be with.That place changed me and I don't know if I'm scared of myself or if I actually kinda like the new me. This is the on and off romantic relationship between the Supernatural Hunter, Jeremy Gilbert, and the witch, Bonnie Bennett.In Katerina, Bonnie walks and drops her books outside the school parking lot.Jeremy helps her pick them up and then asks her if she wanted to play billiard at the Grill.During one of his shows he let slip that he rarely slept with Carla any more.

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Uh, I had this whole plan to drive out to New Mexico and surprise you...

Using Jeremy's blood and a spell, Bonnie is able to locate Elena, 300 miles away. She does another spell that draws a lot of energy from her which makes her pass out and that's frightens Jeremy.

When Bonnie wakes up, Jeremy offers her a glass of water and Bonnie tells Jeremy that witches also have weaknesses.

Bonnie and Jeremy were able to declare their love for each other and finally consummate their relationship.

Their relationship quietly grew even with outside threats and seemed to be on the right path until the Other Side started to collapse.

At the Salvatore Boarding House are Alaric Saltzman, Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Jeremy, Caroline and Bonnie who are getting ready to go through with their plan.

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