Dating interracial jasmine

Personally, I believed dating within my own culture wasn’t as exciting.I say that like I know about it, but honestly I have never even dated within my own race. To my defense I haven’t dated much, if at all, but everyone has a preference and it is simply my preference.They have a great time together at the wedding, and afterward… Alexa and Drew came to me not quite fully formed, but probably about 90% there.Alexa came to me first, and after I knew who she was, I thought about who the perfect person would be for her to meet in that elevator.And yes, my obsession has even led me to find my amazing husband, who is white by the way. Well, my dad is married to a white woman and she calls my type of relationship, “a reverse” because she feels it’s more common to see black men with white women, which could be true, thus rationalizing my obsession for the rarity.Well whenever my husband and I see a couple “our way” we call it, “the right way”.The second book—, and it’s been a ton of fun to work on Carlos’s story. My favorite breakfast is eggs over easy, bacon, crispy potatoes, and really good toast, with a big mug of coffee.

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Deep down I knew I would date outside of my own race.

As if that's not enough to convince you, there's also this: down.

I love a good romance and this delivered from the first page to the last.

Yes, I basically know of every actor that has been with or still is with a black female romantically.

Yes, I have a board filled with the cutest biracial babies on Pinterest.

I’m a lawyer by trade, and was hesitant to start writing, I think because I had a picture in my mind of who writers were, and they didn’t look or act like me.

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