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Yeah, they're career-minded women who don't have room for a man in their life because they've been hurt, until a guy they're forced to work with gradually causes them to break down the wall of ice covering their heart. Old man commenting here: I used to be on the side that viewed video gaming as immature and something that guys and girls needed to grow out of. Like playing Bridge or Poker or taking part in an adult softball league, video gaming as a social pursuit or a general pastime is more and more common for normal, well-adjusted adults.The older generation that never played video games is quickly passing.

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It's OK to be obsessed with your team and wear jerseys at 40 years old, spend hours every week watching dudes do stuff on the TV and yelling your face off, but suddenly if you say you play video games you're looked at kind of weird. We had a 64 year old in my old Wo W guild, just a casual player but he seemed to enjoy it :)In the guild I am putting together for SWTOR the average age is above 30, ranges from about 28-39.

Most dating columnists and to an even larger extent romance authors do this.

You are almost always taking advice about dating or reading stories about romance from people who have not experienced either in a very long time.

I know when I met my wife she had the mind set that video games were for kids.

I have however changed this perspective and now she actually plays more than just bejeweled on her phone and loves it. I cant fathom how someone can call Video gaming interaction "childs play" while watching TV (90% moronic) or sports is considered superior. I intend to play till I acquire athritis or mass effect 9 is released.

This instantly sorts out people who listen to such crappy articles - those who you wouldn't want to date anyway. I hate to say it, but its all about the page count views, and whoever wrote this article doesn't even believe their own bullshit. Swap 'video gaming' for ' Magic: The Gathering' and these two articles have exactly the same sentiment.

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