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It’s also the ideal choice for competitive or crisis situations.Be assured, with our database of 15,000 newspapers (one of the largest in the industry), we can place any size program quickly and accurately.The research is based on a panel survey in five key wealth management markets—the US, the UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland....More This 21-page flash report examines cryptocurrencies as investment vehicles in order to help wealth managers understand the risks and opportunities on offer—for instance, Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin Futures.This is a significant finding of the report for which My Private Banking surveyed 1,000 mostly affluent and wealthy respondents from the key private wealth markets - the US, UK, France, Germany, and Switzerland - for their opinions about automated investment platforms....More The global robo-advisor market continues to experience unabated growth.This Flash Report examines its key advantages and disadvantages and explores two case studies in the wealth management sector....More The wealth management industry, as a whole, suffers from complacency when it comes to mobile app strategies, which is especially problematic given that the digital wealth management industry as a whole is in transition.

The report explores in details the behavior, attitudes and preferences of HNWIs towards their wealth managers’ mobile based on a survey of the mobile needs of 1000...

Wealth managers’ secure websites and mobile apps requiring a client log-in are lacking state-of-the art personalization and a seamless and consistent client experience, hereby missing opportunities to engage and satisfy clients.

This is one main result of this report for which My Private Banking analyzed and ranked the features and functionalities of the behind-the-login area of the client portals of of 15 leading wealth managers worldwide.... Many wealthy clients still use these online portals regularly—and a flexible, interactive, and dynamic website that builds dialogue between client in bank is a must.

Projects addressing deep, disruptive and strategic change do not get enough funding despite widespread agreement as to the importance of such projects for the future.

This is a main finding of our report for which we surveyed 43 executives and innovation leaders at leading global wealth management and private banking institu...

The report then evaluate their comprehensive digital leadership and transformation strategies to determine 2018’s “top 11” digital leaders.

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