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NT GT650 part numbers: Intake Inner Spring: 14751-MR1-003 Intake Valve Spring Seat: 14775-MF5-000 Exhaust Inner Spring: 14752-MR1-003 Exhaust Valve Spring Seat: 14775-ME9-000 It has been noted that CBR 900 Aftermarket clutch springs fit the VT750 and stand to be stiffer than the aftermarket options currently available.Magnum Tuning Appears to make Adjustable Rev Limiters for the VT750 product lines of bikes including the Spirit DC, Spirit C2, Phantom, Shadow RS, etc.AFT Customs, the world-class custom metric bike builder, announced the availability of its new performance kit for the Honda Shadow VT 750.The kit comes complete with pistons, cams, and gaskets resulting in around a 20% gain in horsepower and torque over the stock motor.Shadow Candy is an easter egg in Five Nights at Candy's.His appearance is identical to Candy, the only difference is that he is recoloured dark purple and has eyes which resemble the Phantom Animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's 3.Years ago a company called Design Performance made compete performance conversion kits for the VT750 including ported and polished heads, high compression pistons, custom cams, roller rocker arm lifters, single carburetor, etc.With all of the above installed a VT750 was able to dyno 62HP at the rear wheel.

In the second minigame on this night he only appears on the kid's drawing.

Although not a kit, Kustom Kraft has created custom sleeve/piston setups for those willing to pay to increase the displacement of the VT750.

They can be contacted at their website: early tester for Kustom Kraft on a heavily modded VT750 (40mm single HD Carb, Timing Mod, Pipes, Re-Gearing, Intake, and appropriate Jetting) went from 54HP to 63.8HP on the dyno with an approximate displacement of 812cc. Following suite from Designed Performance, to bring the VT750 Shadow Spirit motor to life AFT Customs has a high compression piston and camshaft kit available.

“After announcing the kit for the Honda VTX 1300, we had an overwhelming request for a performance kit for the Honda 750,” stated Jim Guiffra, owner of AFT Customs.

“With the economy down, riders are spending more money overhauling bikes rather than buying new ones.” The kit’s pistons are forged by one of the top piston companies and come in at 11:1 compression ratio, a huge difference over the stock 9.2:1 pistons.

Also consider inner valve springs from an early '90s model Hawk NT GT650 as the outter spring is the exact same as the current spring used on the VT750.

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