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They eventually learn that the reason for this task (later undertaken by Locke) is to prevent the release of damaging electromagnetic activity (which can cause plane crashes, for instance).

They also learn that the hatch and other structures on the island were built in the 1970s by a scientific research group called the Dharma Initiative.

Michael is reunited with his kidnapped son Walt (Malcolm David Kelley), but at great cost after the survivors find a wounded man (Michael Emerson) who calls himself Henry Gale.

The list below is NOT a comprehensive list of every MOTW episode; some of them don’t fall under the Horror category.

These episodes that I’ve selected are many of my favorites from the entire series run, as well as episodes I think every fan should check out at least once or twice.

These cases were always a blast to watch and they sometimes helped move the series along by giving fans a chance to relax for a moment before being slammed with the next mythology-heavy episode in the ever-evolving alien colonists/shadow government storyline.

There are several very popular MOTW episodes that many fans – both old & new – still talk about frequently.

If you’re also a fan of Canadian talent and watch way too much Canadian TV like this writer, you’ll also recognize many of the actors & actresses too.

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