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The Lebanese hairstylist also tweeted: "I will never stop missing you." Along with Lindsay Lohan's interest an Islam, rumors have flown that she had a Saudi boyfriend that peaked her interest in the religion.

Although the rumors have never been confirmed, Lohan has spent a lot of time in the Middle East and has credited her Muslim Arab friends with increasing her interest in Islam."A very close friend of mine, a Saudi, gave me a copy of the Qur’an and I brought it to New York because I was learning," Lohan said, according to Arab News.

6) She was honest to you about her past relationships from the start, yet the closer you get, the more annoyed, jealous and paranoid you start to become with her history.Here's a look at some of the others Westerners who dated or married Arabs.American pop-star Janet Jackson was married to and had a child with Qatari businessman Wassim Al Mana. But sadly, the couple parted ways earlier this year, after nearly five years of marriage.George Clooney married Lebanese-British lawyer Amal Alamuddin in 2014.Alumuddin was born in Beirut to Lebanese parents but moved to the United Kingdom, where she became an internationally renowned human rights lawyer.You’re on a conservative trip and you expect her to cover-up.

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