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While I have never been anything but nice about it and I get how women differ from men on looks and weight and dress, I don’t get why it’s a big deal and the few other women I asked about the subject acted the same way.

Now, if you REALLY did not want to keep your hair short and you felt strongly about having facial hair and Irene kept bugging you about it and you made a deal that you would accommodate her if she accommodated your preferences, you’d have a leg to stand on here. I suspect if you told her that you were going to let your hair grow because that’s how you prefer it, she’d probably say, “Ok.” Because she knows what it feels like to want to wear your hair a certain way and to feel pressured to change it.

You know, maybe that’s a conversation you should have with Irene. Maybe it gives him anxiety because he suspects it means a lot to you and he doesn’t want to disappoint you, and so he ends up just shutting down because it’s too stressful for him.

But, like, without feeling as though you’re a bad person doing so, right?

Certainly, you wouldn’t want to insult her (or be made to feel like you have) by telling her over and over and over that you don’t like her natural hair and she should cover it up as per your preference.

— Wash That Gray Out Guy insecure about her gray hair?

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