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then I alternated a little grass and a coin or two in the bag.To open their present, they had to find the coins, and then unwrap, and count to make sure they didn't miss any.And, of course, photos of your parents from their day!Music...a couple of dvd's of the popular music of that era and have that playing, but LOW.redhatterb is right about wanting people to visit with each other, so keep the tunes as background only.and, if you want a game or two to have just in case...charades and password were so popular then. We are renewing our vows and having dinner and a few other things. What is the order of a program for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration? Louis, MOI agree w/both previous posts, but tend to lean towards vows first and dinner party after, unless you know of an important guest who cannot be there "early" and would really want to be there for the renewal of vows! Why not make it the "special event" between dinner and dessert? I don't know if you mean for a party or for a gift.(Keep the waterline well below the candle, of course.) Add a few flowers and rocks scattered on the table at the base of the brandy glass vase. The glass shiny rocks are about 1.50 a bag,and goldfish are about 35 cents!

By kwbren from Yucxaipa, CAMy parents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. You can come out way cheaper making the food yourself. One of the games I came up with was questions ---"info" about him. I gave a baby shower at my house once in which I used mostly items I already had (including the grouped candle thing with fake pot plants on the serving table).

It was perfectly synchronized to music and because it was professionally made, the results were awesome!

It was so touching, the couple as well as many guests got emotional while watching those moments come alive on the screen!

My brother knows I am kinda weird anyway, so was not surprized with my idea.

Google "fake newspapers" and you will come up with a slew of them.

Since they are both cancer survivors, I made a .00 contribution to the American Cancer Society in their name. I recently attended the 50th Anniversary party of a couple that was so wonderful.

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