16 personality types dating


Jobs: Accountant, Analyst, Statistician/Mathematician, Editor, Photographer, Technical Writer, Professor, Construction Manager.In Closing Plenty of free resources can “test” your personality type.

Jobs: Military/Police, Attorney, Accountant, Manager, Economist, Farmer/Rancher, Librarian, Mortician ISTP: Flexible, tolerant, quiet, analyzing, practical, fact-oriented, efficient.Jobs: Dentist, Family Physician, Nurse, Speech Pathologist, Therapist, Veterinarian, Health Care Aid.ISFP: Kind, friendly, creative sensitive, loyal, idealistic, conflict-averse, quiet, respectful.Jobs: Author, English Teacher, Counselor, Non-profit executive, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, Massage Therapist.INTP: Abstract, logical, theoretical, adaptable, contained, quiet, skeptical, analytical.Jobs: Teacher, Counselor, Therapist, Administrator, Sales Representative, Politician.– ENFP: Warm, enthusiastic, imaginative, appreciative, supportive, spontaneous, flexible, wordsmith.

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